12 best products for Acne prone skin

My skin easily breaks out. So I’m extremely cautious with my skin care to the point that I wash my hands before moving into face cleansing business. Weird as it may sound – I always believed dirty hands can prone acne!!

Unlike everyone else out there, I take insane measures to keep acne away. It doesn’t come easy because oily & acne prone skin requires special attention to detail so today I want to share with you my long list of tried & tested products for acne prone skin:

(1)Dermalogica Medibac Clearing Skin Kit – is best starter-kit for acne-prone skin. It consist 5 products targeted to fight against acne.

(*) Clearing Skin Wash – a tiny pea sized amount is all you need to foams and cleans face. It leave the skin, clean and no signs of redness. Though it has a high percentage of salicylic acid it is best for sensitive skins as well. More like a miracle wash for acne.

(*) Sebum Clearing Masque – is best for removing odd spots and ensuring skin is oil-free without over-drying. Love the refreshing sensation after washing it off.

(*) Clearing Mattifier – Best moisturizer + primer for acne skins. Product melts into the skin and the silicone base makes it ideal for under the makeup.

(*) Overnight clearing gel – is a wonderful if you are looking a quick clear up. Dab the gel in to the pimple before you go to bed and wake up with pimple-free skin next morning. This isn’t magic as it requires a couple of nights application for a complete sweep over. However, it tremendously reduce the redness and swelling.

(*) Concealing Spot Treatment – has a medicated scent to it. However the concealer provides a medium coverage over spots and marks, and blends into skin smoothly. It has healing properties too.

Bio-derma – Sebium range
(2) Sebium Purifying Mask – is a rescue mask everyone with combination and oily skin. In other words it aims to control the amount of sebum and oil that your skin produces which in turn helps to reduce breakouts. The mask is white and creamy with a strange powdery texture. It has a lovely refreshing cucumber scent and it’s really pleasant to use.

(3) Sebium Purifying & Foaming Cleansing Gel – I don’t know how many bottle’s I’ve emptied! All I can it is my favorite cleanser. It is super gentle, removes all the makeup (including waterproof) and importantly controls excess sebuim production.

(4) Sebium Global Intensive Purifying Care – is the first skin care product that biologically treats the causes and consequences of severe blemishes.

Toners –
(5) Boots Witch Hazel & Tea Tree cleansing & toning lotion – is the best drugstore toner that helps you combat blemishes. It is refreshing and after a few swipes all traces of make up are gone! But because it has ingredients like tea tree and witch hazel to combat acne as well. Warning -> smell is slightly strong.

(6) Babe – STOP AKN Astringent Tonic Lotion – is a toner with oil balancing and antiseptic properties to prevent breakouts. It help to close the pores, fights against acne and controlling the oil production.

For Spots / Blemishes –
(7) Alpha H Liquid Gold – I swear by this and been using since I’ve reviewed (here). It is the magic potion if you’re looking to gain clear skin without any spots & blemishes.

(8) SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (FTE)– will make sure that your skin is less oily and quicken the fading process of blemishes & spots. As I’ve mentioned in my review (here), my skin became “M.Y SKIN” with this miracle water. It’s not a toner it is a step you use after your toner.

(9) Izil Natural Argan Beauty – Multi-purpose Argan Oil (reviewed here)famously known for treating acne scars. Be it any brand, you just need to put the tiniest bit of argan oil over your acne scars to brighten those babies.

Scrubbing – seems like the perfect way to cleanse and purify, but for most acne-prone skin, anything more than a teeny bit of exfoliation is way too much and should avoid harsh ingredients like beads altogether. Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant- has AHA (renew cell growth) and BHA (penetrate oil from pores) that can exfoliate your skin deeply and gently.

(10) Clindacin– is an antibiotic that is dedicated for acne and this is my latest secret weapon. It works by stopping the growth of acne prone bacteria. You can buy it from the local pharmacy.

(11) La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo – LOVE THIS! As I’ve said before in my review (here), it unclog my pores, control everything which is going crazy and maintain balance.

(12) Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Medicated gel for acne – This Australian brand is amazing! It has 20% pure Tea Tree Oil hence I use it as a spot treatment. Purse-friendly price is a huge plus for a super product as such. Available at Pharmacies.

Thank you for reading the long post. Hope this post would help to control your acne and to have a beautiful clear skin.