2 must have products for glowing skin

glowing skin

Naturally healthy, glowing skin is the epitome of beauty than layers of makeup.  Although I take extra care, my skin doesn’t always behave as it should be. Last 3 weeks, I ditched my trusted foundations & tinted moisturizers to go bear face – thanks to these two.

I found this new combo gives the most incredible skin. The dreamy kind. I’m so hooked and beyond happy with the results hence the rant 🙂  

glowing skin secrets

STEP 1 – a dollop of Fillerina Plus Day Cream – Grade 4 to the cleansed face. 

It appears to be a basic moisturizing cream but not. Because of the ‘filler-effect‘. It makes skin looks fuller, plump and healthier by filling out smile & forehead lines & generally lifting the skin. Although Grade 4 is definitely heavy for anyone early 30 (who doesn’t require deep wrinkle & saggy skin correcting), I can’t deny the effect this has on the skin. However, I can see myself settling down with Grade 2 that has 6 hyaluronic acids which works to combat my “more than barely there frown & smile lines”.

STEP 2 – After that goes the holy grail worthy ERBORIAN CC Crème. This is nothing but a thick white radiant base with color correcting pigments that adapts exact shade of the skin upon application. Love this for (1) the most unreal yet natural glow (2) no ugly white cast even with 25 SPF (3) for photographing bloody well.  In my opinion this is a must have for EVERYONE irrespective of the age and skin concerns.  Yes coverage is light and obviously it doesn’t conceal the acne scars but that’s where spot concealing comes into place. If you love dreamy skin and despise layers of heavy foundation & base products then go get this. It is life changing.

The results visible if you see the above #makeupoftheday (untouched) photo. Natural lighting & a good hair day to show off the skin. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this kind of glow & now you know my secret.

Fillerina products available at Boots Pharmacies / Cult-Beauty & EROBIAN products retails sold at Sephora.