About Beauty Banker

Hello & welcome to Beauty Banker!

I’m Sandy Gomez. A banker turned blogger from sunny Dubai.

Beauty Banker is a beauty blog established in 2012 that caters to all beauty connoisseurs out there with a mild dose of lifestyle in between among all forms of beauty.

I’ve always loved everything beauty since I was an art student. And with time became a self-confessed skin care/ beauty addict & a product junkie. My love for creating beauty & helping others feel beautiful led me share what little I know & discover  this journey.

Before being a blogger – I was curious to know “are women more similar or different when it comes to beauty?”.  After meeting so many incredible women all over the world I saw & heard nothing but similar desires to be beautiful. And  to be the best version of our selves through beauty no matter where we come from! I mean how incredibly powerful is that thought?

As women we have that undying urge to become beautiful and continue to be throughout an indefinite period. If we could freeze how good we look (at the moment) to replace with the aging one; we would! Unrealistic it may sound – I’m so with you.

And my role is to inspire & to influence in making you the powerful woman through my blog & beauty reviews. Hope you enjoy the ride with me & thank you for stopping by.

If you do have questions or love to connect, please say hello in the comment section under each blog post. Else you could find me at :


Much love ..