April Favorites 2016

With another month and a season passed, it’s time to quickly round up on what I’ve loved throughout April so far. It’s a good mix of skincare and makeup products.

Bobbie Brown Nude Tinted Moisturizer in Medium-to-Dark

Bobbie Brown Nude Tinted Moisturizer in Medium-to-Dark – I’ve been playing around with the latest base product from Bobbie Brown throughout the month. Since my detail review is still on the draft mode – for the time being, I’m happy to report – that it’s coming close to being my ultimate favorite spring-summer transition base. It’s light, dewy and makes your skin looks so much better but keeping naturalness intact. Even though it has a very sheer texture, evens out & corrects the redness very sparingly: the end effect is absolutely radiant. It is just one those great morning bases where you can slap-on-and-go. If you are a heavy-coverage girl – then this would be something you would like to wear to gym / yoga, at home or when running.  As a product, it’s portable, convenient for traveling and perfect summer staple. Yet to be launched in UAE. I ordered mine from Nordstorm.

Sephora Pro-Full Coverage Airbrush #53

I used Sephora Pro-Full Coverage Airbrush #53 to apply Bobbie Brown Nude Tinted Moisturizer. Hands down it is one of the best foundation brushes I’ve used. Much to my surprise, short handled fluffier brush is so easy to apply, covers entire face within 3-4 strokes and the only foundation brush that fits in my makeup bag. Liquid foundation application is a breeze as you could get a precise application around the nose, jawbone & under eye areas. There weren’t any foundation streaks on skin; required only minimal effort in blending and importantly, delivers what it promises. I tested it to apply liquid /cream foundations, powder and blushes and it stood up for the challenge by delivering an even and flawless finish. If you are brush hoarder or otherwise I highly recommend this brush for its high quality, versatility and affordability ($38/-). Available at Sephora.

IMG_5939-1Sunday Riley JUNO Oil, Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Multi-use Exfoliating Clay were back in the skincare routine rather big way this month. It’s nice to re-connect with old friends.  I’m amazed how well JUNO transformed my dull-pregnancy skin by adding lots of glow and nourishment. Mainly used as a serum by pressing the oil to the skin. This way it penetrates to deeper levels of skin. Due to its richness, I would only be able to make the best use of it till end of May and probably switch to a lightweight/water-base serum to suit the needs of summer. Till then this bottle is going get a lot of my love. Complete review here.

Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm & Multi-use Exfoliating Clay

Diptyque Nourishing Cleansing Balm has been my go-to cleanser in the evenings. I’ve forgotten how amazing it was till I started using it again. Waxy balm removes all traces of makeup (including heavy lip stains & mascara) and leaves my skin baby soft & never dry! I apply a dime size into the dry skin and wipe away with a warm wash cloth post the mini facial massage. Due to grave nourishing properties, dry skins will greatly benefit the cleanser although its suits everyone. To me its nothing but a lovely skin treat!

The fig scented mask-scrub hybrid – Multi-use Exfoliating Clay, also made a grand appearance and taught me not to abandon ever again. I like it better as a mask – purely because of its detoxifying & oil control abilities. I let the mask sit in for 20 minutes before wiping off with a warm fennel cloth.  Skin is visibly brighter, clean and on point I must say. Using both products together at once left my skin noticeably smoother and softer in a long time. Most of all, my dry /flaky skin issues (mainly due to pregnancy hormones) were well taken care of and for that I’m so thankful for these. If you haven’t checked out the Diptyque’s skincare line please do.


For mornings I’ve been heavily relying on Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I really like using this super gentle face wash which is non-irritant & non-foamy on wet skin. It doesn’t strip away the moisture nor makes my skin tight but clean and refresh. I wouldn’t say this is best but considering very basic morning cleansing routine I have, this fits the bill.

Diptyque Rose Perfume – There’s nothing like starting the day smelling like roses. I beyond love this delicate fragrance because it really puts me in a serene mood. I rate it high among other Diptyque scents I’ve tried. It’s a mixed-breed of feminine-soft floral-light-and-fresh.  I hardly own any rosy-fragrances; because the strong rose top note, usually gives me headaches (literally).  But this one is just opposite. Rose has a fine blend of notes that delicately understated and immensely pleasing.  What a nice discovery!

IMG_5930-1REN Moroccan Rose OTTO Ultra-Moisture body oil – has been my go-to body oil to end the day. It’s soothing – mainly because of the aroma, sinks in quickly leaving skin velvety without zero greasiness.  I love that it is deeply nourishing and relaxes my mind at the same time. Most of the body oils do either of this but REN does both for GBP 34/-. Plus it comes with a pump.