Beauty resolution 2017

So I didn’t have time to tell you my share of best of beauty 2016. I was in fact enjoying my Asti Martinisūüćł toppled with barrels of champagne on a sandy beach at sunny Sri Lanka. While my attention constantly torn apart among the two daughters & the glass at hand I somehow managed to entertain myself gluing to Instagram. By being a fan of¬†instastories & short video clips of famous & no so, beauty bloggers all around the globe.

Christmas flew by, so did New Years and not being regular on the blog did not affect me! It was in fact insanely refreshing to sit on the other side of the curtain and be a spectator for 5 long weeks. Watch what famous insta beauty bloggers preach, hacks they want you to try, shit like makeup they force you to buy and nodding to be a disco ball covered in metallic highlighter. Needless to say it was a soaring experience. Killing every aspect of beauty I once used to love. 

Here are some “what the fuck” moments:¬†

  • I found bloggers who said it’s okay to apply vasigil on the face! REALLY? Would you use your face cream down there? No, seriously I really like to know!!
  • Applying makeup with a sanitary napkin/ silicone bra insert– **roll eyes** ¬†next time use a condom for application. See how smooth your makeup will be.¬†
  • Shaving face with a razor! Freaking god!¬†Why would anyone want to take a bloody razor near the face?¬†
  • Amount of bloggers who wear contacts – All I like to say “honey no body cares if your ¬†eyes are blue or green. Just show your dark brown eyes”. And stop, I repeat. Asking what contacts I’m wearing! Because I ain’t any!! There I said it!!¬†
  • #wokeuplikethis¬† makeup looks & tutorials – Who on this planet earth looks freaking amazing when they wake up? I of course don’t like to scare anyone so no photos of me with bed head hair, shiny “just had sex” kinda skin and zero dark circles.¬†
  • Baked Faces vs Heavy makeup faces – the count on former is much significant. And it baffles me as to someone who has never baked in life!!¬†
  • You can feed a village, on the amount of products used in today’s videos? Especially the concealer and the sweet highlighter is like .. I¬†can even!!! Do you really need that much?? Is your face – big as¬†a football stadium?¬†
  • METALLIC & Glitter has taken a new troll. Every blogger and their mother apparently is in love with it AND uses it on every part of the body!!! It is admittedly the most tackiest & should I add eye soaring trend! For the love of god please, can we STOP?¬†
  • Oh filtered to death #motd pictures … I’m lost for words

Well, I can surely go on …¬†

Other thing that pissed me off was that Spring’17 collections (i.e Chanel) was already in stores when its wasn’t even Christmas!! What is going on with the beauty world? Even before a consumer have time to go through the current makeup collection you’d see massive endorsements & purposely leaked photos of next season makeup! Now this is a killer¬†& one of the major downturns of blogging! By the time I test a new product there is a sea of reviews already out there.. so why bother?

If you love¬†makeup, you need¬†‘time’.¬†If not freedom to choose.¬†Freedom to play, decide and then buy!

This process¬†ain’t working. ¬†

Because in Instagram, every woman is a headless chicken running after the¬†next NEW thing!! And not one, have time to play with the ‘makeup’ they love.¬†I see new bloggers popping up everywhere but can’t blend the damn eye shadow to save their lives. Is this¬†consumerism? Is this how high-end / luxury brands would like to market their products to reach sales targets? *sigh*¬†Well, that is my recap of 2016 beauty wise.

After finding hard to fathom all the above, I want nothing but staying true to why I love makeup. I want to stick to what works and not to run after next beauty craze, trend or hack.  Can that not be the beauty resolution for 2017! 

So in this new year¬†here’s what I’ve got for you?

You can expect more of “Disappointing Products” on the blog and some random rants like this one ūüôā I’ll keep you updated with my daily “motd” (what I wear to work) via Instastories and mini reviews of monthly favorites, recommendations and some #makeupporn via instagram feed.

That’s it for now ..¬†