Best makeup removing wipes

The Best Make Up Removing Wipes

Removing makeup is as important as putting it on.  Prior to using my Bioderma Sensibo H2O lotion to remove the makeup I first take the layers off with Neutrogena deep clean makeup removing wipes. This is simply the best makeup removing wipes in the world  and 1000 times better than high-end brands.
They are gentle on skin and even to use on eyes.  The wipes are very moist (not very wet), soft and great to remove eye makeup since it doesn’t burn or sting the eyes.  For me these are convenient, fast and very effective.  I’ve been using these for more than a year now and they never made my skin irritated! 
One wipe just do the job removing my everyday makeup (including water proof mascara & long-wear eye liner) but need at least 2 after a night out or for a heavy makeup.  I also love Mac makeup wipes but they are way too pricey to be used on a daily basis. I only use Mac when I’m at shoots or with clients.
Just after removing makeup with Neutrogena deep clean makeup removing wipes  there is an oily feel on the skin. Since I use my Bioderma Sensibo H2O lotion as a second cleanse the oiliness is not an issue. But using only wipes to clean your face or makeup is not advisable (in my opinion) as it should be followed with a proper cleanser. 

This ensures that your face is clean and makeup free. Only downfall is the packaging as it is really cheap. The sticker that seals the product doesn’t seal very well after several uses. So you have to be careful while sealing the pack otherwise the wipes might get dry.  Price wise it differ from Carrefour (AED 32.00) and Spinneys (AED 26.00).