Best masks for tired skin

Sisley Paris Masks Sisley Paris Masks

Today I want to talk about 2 cream masks that I’ve been trialling during the holidays. Both are Sisley. Luxurious, obviously costly and they work brilliantly on tired skin 🙂

Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth– set you back a whopping AED 600+ and at this price point many of you may not even consider purchasing this. Hear me out because I’ve witnessed how wonderful this is during the festive season. After many long and tiring nights of partying till the wee hours, my skin was in top condition and ready to party (again) next day morning after applying this. It is that goo..d and qualifies to be included in your  post-party survival kit because it rise up to the occasion. Not only that, this is great as a pre-party skin wonder of the ability to prep the tired skin by plumping and adding a good dose of moisture. Application wise, I generously apply a thick layer of this floral scented Rose Cream mask after cleansing and wipe the excess off with a tissue after 15 minutes.

Eye Contour mask (AED 495/-) – was recommended by the SA (at Bloomingdale’s). Finding a great eye mask is next to impossible but so far I’ve been loving SK-2 eye masks.  Now, Sisley Eye Contour mask is targeted for under eye lines and puffiness but I think it’s incredible for smoothing fine lines. Post application the entire eye area looked refreshed, rested and radiant. Excellent as a quick pick up mask when your eyes are tired or as a party prep along with Black Rose Cream Mask Instant Youth . Either ways this is a great purchase.

Based on my experience, both masks are incredible to get rid of tiredness and fatigue effect. Not many use Sisley products purely because of the price tag. Which I totally understand. But if you are in the market to search luxury skin care products  that comes with an equal price point and importantly works then I suggest you try these out.