Blush stick addiction

For a change, we can take a break from the typical (popular) vampy lips perhaps? First Chanel did it and now DIOR. Many other brands done it way before them.

Blush sticks or cheeks sticks – whatever they call it – is not a novel idea. Despite the old concept, I love these sticks immensely. They are ultimate travel buddies, “swipe-blend-go” kind application and very pigmented (well some).

Dior Diorblush Cheek Sticks from Fall 2015 collection is nothing but absa-bloody-lutely stunning and o.m.g so pigmented at the same time. All 3 shades are universally appealing and appears to be everyone’s cup of tea & I can’t begin to tell you how remarkably pretty – the Rosewood is. To my dismay, Rosewood didn’t swatch well and I went for Cosmopolite Coral which is a rich, bright apricot orange with warm undertone. It is packed with scary amount of pigment to most of other cream blushes I’ve tried.

I quite liked the very creamy, opaque and the buttery smooth texture. It sets into a much toned down velvety matte finish which is natural & wearable post blending. Cosmopolite Coral lasted 8+ hours before fading and performed well in Dubai’s humid weather conditions.

Based on the performance, DIOR cheek stick is a quality product, but I wasn’t extremely impressed. Throughout testing, I was constantly comparing my latest DIOR purchase to Chanel Blush stick (reviewed here). 

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick (VS.) Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Blush Sticks:

Stark differences:

1. Texture: Chanel is very sheer, not too creamy & opaque as DIOR.
2. Finish: Chanel does the healthy glow whilst DIOR does the velvety matte finish
3. Pigment: Chanel is nowhere compared to DIOR’s scary pigment
4. Long wearing: Dior lasted longer (8 hours) over Chanel (5 hours)
5. Packaging: DIOR packaging is chubby & Chanel is more slim
6. Price: DIOR relatively cheaper (AED 160) to Chanel (AED 210)
7. Product: Chanel has more product (8g) compared to Dior (6.7g)

Stark similarities:

1. Blends beautifully and easy wearing everyday kind of products.

Overall:Dior is true winner based on above comparisons. However, when it comes to texture & finish it gets down to personal preference. I never say no to a bit of glow hence, prefer Chanel. Love the sheer texture opposes to much creamier DIOR and the glow that gives within is remarkable. Now that I have DIOR, I’ll be enjoying the much pigmented Apricot orange from time to time – maybe a lot during the holiday season. 

If you are:

  1. a DIOR fan with light application you might want to grab this one.
  2. Looking for a creamy blush-stick in matte finish for a good price, then Diorblush Cheek Stick is the answer. 
 Irrespective of the brand I think everyone should own at least one blush stick for the sake of convenience & easy application. It is my #1 in flight makeup essential.