Brand to know : Glossier

Glossier Phase 1 Kit Glossier Phase 1 Kit

Glossier is a brand that is difficult to ignore today. It’s all over social media and kudos to Emily Weiss (founder & CEO of Into The Gloss) & the team for impeccable marketing.

I stumbled upon Glossier, whilst searching for a morning cleanser. Milky Jelly sounded perfect for my quick morning skincare routine and after browsing, I ended up purchasing the Phase1 Kit. This introductory kit is fabulous if you are new to the brand; excited to test & trial a few to see how it works. Kit consists of a non-foaming cleanser, skin tint, universal skin salve and a priming moisturizer. All billed to simplify your routine.

After 2 months of continuous use here’s what I think of Glossier & products.

IMG_5340Milk Jelly Cleanser: Is nothing but a simple, non-foaming cleanser suitable for every skin type. Very mild on the skin/eyes and its unscented. However, I detected a (very) faint rosy aroma but you’d barely smell it. 046

  • Primarily used in the morning. Performed well on wet skin rather dry.
  • I gently massaged the gel into wet skin, rinse and pat dry.
  • Gel-cream texture is silky, has a good slip and pleasant to use. Never irritated my eyes.
  • It removes oily residues from previous night and leaves skin with zero dryness, tightness and uneasiness. Makeup wise, blackest black mascara, foundation, eye shadow & concealer were easily removed but tough lip stains ( like Giorgio Armani lip maestro) wasn’t.

051Priming Moisturizer: is more like a primer and less a moisturizer. That’s how I see it now… Used mostly in the morning post cleansing.

  • Beautiful, lightweight and really soothing comforting cream with decent amount of moisture. I was happy with the non-greasy formula. It made my skin feel velvety & a good base for makeup & SPF.
  • However, it miserably failed the moisture claim.  When tested as a night moisturizer, it left my skin dry & patchy next morning.
Glossier Skin Tint
Glossier Skin Tint

Skin Tint: is not a foundation nor a BB/CC cream but a hybrid of both worlds in ultra thin texture.275-1

  • This breathable, super sheer pigment with zero coverage is undetectable when applied on skin. After couple minutes of application you’d notice a clean, dewy & polished effect.
  • It is your naked skin but ah-mazing & glowing. Concealing is must to cover dark spots & circles as it doesn’t cover anything but redness. I mixed a few drops with MAC Strobe Cream for days I wanted more oomph skin.
  • Formula wise it’s very watery. Thinner than most (if not all) BB/CC creams in the market. However, it is workable and can nail your makeup within 5 minutes.
  • I see it as a fantastic base product & a mixer for busy women as there’s minimal effort & involvement required. No brushes or mirrors necessary. Just finger tips for blending and you have your no-makeup makeup base less than a minute. Since I’m not a fan of cakey or made up skin I really loved using it every day.

Dark is perfect shade for medium skin tones with a natural yellow undertone (MAC NC40-45)

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Balm Dotcom:  is more of Vaseline in a pretty cute tube. It does everything that a universal skin salve would do. I found it great for cuticles, scratches, dry elbows, keeping brows in place and calming sore skin. But not as lip balm.  It didn’t stay put throughout the night unlike my La Mer lip balm.  Wasn’t long lasting.

Final verdict:

  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser is specially worth trying if you are looking for a gentle morning cleanser. I see it more as a well balance face wash that is fairly OK in removing light makeup & gentle enough not to irritate the skin. You definitely need more powerful formula to wipe off heavy makeup stains & layers of foundation. This doesn’t do it. However, I really like it for lighter & refreshing mornings.
  2. I’m a huge supporter of minimal makeup. Perfecting Skin Tint is just that. Perfect model-off-duty product delivers barefaced glow! Whilst I own plenty of better coverage bases, I truly love this purely for convenience purposes. Plus it photographs amazingly. Definitely see myself buying it again.
  3. Wouldn’t classify Priming Moisturizer being amazing. Yes I liked it. But it’s not the best moisturizer-priming combo I’ve tried. Way too basic for my liking and wish it had more hydrating properties.
  4.  Lastly, I found Balm Dotcom to be ‘meh’ and not a true multitasker like Lucas Papaw Ointment. It seriously lacks longevity & SOS powers.


Are these worth the hype? No.

I feel Glossier is like the new born baby in massive beauty industry. One doesn’t carry a single game changing product. All 4 that I’ve tried in Phase1 Kit appeared & performed very mediocre. None were noteworthy nor spectacular. You can find much better options for the same price if not little extra.

The question is why? The kit was meant to be ‘all about the skin’ but Glossier solemnly lacked incorporating superlative ingredients that really help to attain, improved skin with real skin care benefits. Having said that, here’s what I liked:

  • Packaging looks neat, simple and minimalist. Travel friendly. No spillage.
  • There’s no real scent or added fragrance in any of the products. And even sensitive skins can use this range without issues.
  • Products are well priced for the basic label.

Have you tried Glossier? What are your thoughts? Stay tuned for the review of Phase 2 kit that was released recently.

Glossier products are available online (here).