Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare – Le Weekend de Chanel

Skin Care from Chanel Have to admit that come the weekend, my skincare routine do not go out the window and this super hydrating treat is what skin has been waiting for all week. My favourite of the Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare collection, this gentle purification treatment packs a punch when it comes to preparing skin for the week ahead. It is velvety and comforting and with softening May Rose water and refining glycolic acid, skin is perfectly moisturized and soothed. And in one simple step for both morning and night, looking polished at the weekend has never been easier. 

Unlike other night creams & lotions Le Weekend de Chanel focuses on skin’s basic needs – balance, hydration and comfort and gentle purification. 
Glycolic Acid is the main ingredient here which helps to gently exfoliate the skin, reduce acne scarring and tone done redness. It is often used in products treating various skin disorders as it helps to loosen the binding properties that hold dead skin cells in place. 
With the creamy texture Le Weekend feels less heavy and the idea is to apply this once a week, morning and evening to give a more intensive treatment over the weekend.

This product single handedly worked like a miracle to keep my skin looking good throughout.  This extract is a serum and cream in one hit, and my skin feels immediately more hydrated and plump while smelling glorious.
If you’re going to invest in skincare, make sure this is on your list of must-have’s.