Disappointing Products #2

Disappointing Products

I’m not going to lie – disappointing products are my favorite kind. Here’s another round of rotten ones that truly doesn’t worth the money, nor the hype. Chanel HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO GEL YEUX INTENSE SMOOTHING EYE GEL

First up is the every one’s favorite Chanel HYDRA BEAUTY MICRO GEL YEUX INTENSE SMOOTHING EYE GEL. I’m not sure why everyone goes gaga when Chanel releases a skin care product! Let’s be honest, Chanel doesn’t do, skin care right unlike makeup. For me Chanel skin care really sucks in terms of results and this eye serum is yet again a proof.  I found the serum to be meh, nothing really special in terms of highly raved calming & moisturizing claims! All it does is make your under eye area even more drier. Tried many ways, gave in many chances but – not good. End of story. Just so you know, Eucerin AQUAporin ACTIVE Revitalising Eye Care does everything Chanel should do & won’t cost an arm 🙂

Kate Somerville Line Release under Eye Repair Cream

Second in line is so-called dreamy – Kate Somerville Line Release under Eye Repair Cream – suppose to erase, if not reduce the appearance of under eye lines. I really liked the thin non-heavy silicone based texture right away. As it would absorb quickly, left no residue, non tacky and concealer sat well on top. And the journey ended right there because my under eyes looked somewhat the same after 5 months of continuous use. If a product is billed to ‘repair’, it is must be nourishing enough to restore lacking goodness. This seriously lacks that quality. Rather than tackling one, it’s made to battle all the eye issues. Maybe that’s the reason it can’t deliver? If you ever hopeful of this been the magic eraser/smoother for your lines – look away!


GLAMGLOW PLUMPRAGEOUS Gloss Lip Treatment was a different story all together. This is the most ruthlessly painful product that I’ve ever tried. As a plumping gloss treatment this posh tube was way too extreme and made my lips hurt so badly from the minute I put it on. I thought the pain will fade away after a while as I expected the formula to tingle. But no – it hurt me like I’d eaten all the chilly + wasabi out there when my lips are cracked! Unbearable to say the least, I wipe it off after 5 minutes. Tingling is part of all plumping products but it shouldn’t hurt! Isn’t that basic? As Laura (from Buy Now Blog Later) accurately explained in her snaps, “if you like sadism then this would be gold”!  She couldn’t have said better than that.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Makeup standpoint, Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation indeed a bad purchase. When I first heard – full coverage, oil-free, matte finish & waterproof – it was music to my ears! Though I fell for the flawless coverage I couldn’t agree with  others as I faced a lot of issues every time I wore it. The thick texture was little heavy for my combination skin. It was cakey. Pores blocked, highly visible and the oily t-zone was nothing but an oil-slick! I had to wipe off the excess oil after 2 hours of application & every hour after. Frequent retouch was painful & time-consuming. It also loves pointing out the dry patches 🙂  oh, and you have to worry about it transferring to mobile/sunglasses & clothes. Setting spray could help but not all the time. Overall, it is a foundation both fussy & messy that can’t live up to promises. A complete flop in my eyes.

Let me know what didn’t work for you?