3 disappointing skin care products

When it comes to skin care I’m results driven. I love when a product delivers and continue to be consistent and let me enjoy the initial excitement till the very end. However, often times, many skin care products (& brands of course) have failed to match my expectations. The ones I’ll be talking about today didn’t live up to ‘must-have’ or ‘god-send’ titles despite their cult status. And personally feel  they are highly puffed up and clearly beauty editor’s pet products.

Kate Sommerville Daily Nourish Moisturizer – is not only popular but adored by many skin care bloggers & celebrities because of the featherweight texture & zero grease. With all due respect to the good ingredient list, my flack was with the scent & lack of moisture from the very first use. I like either no-fragrance or lightly scented moisturizers but definitely not anything similar to lactic-acid like. The scent was completely off-putting for a daily moisturizer & it was difficult for me to smell it everyday during application. Would’ve kept quiet, if Nourish was keeping my combination skin happy – but no. It didn’t live up to the super moisturizing claims & miserably failed to take care of the dry areas. I had to mix 3 drops of Sunday Riley’s JUNO to up the moisture game with added anti-aging benefits. To me this is just a  pricey basic moisturizer. Not really worth money. (Tested everyday for 3 months)

NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% (CAIS) – All who have tried this so-called ‘super serum” would either hate me if not roll your eyes. I wouldn’t blame you because this is a product that has received rave reviews & immensely loved all around. I bought CAIS & MMHS anticipating some sort of miracle. So hear me out when I say, CAIS is a complete let down in my eyes. I’ve used this immunity booster diligently everyday right after cleansing over a period of 4+ months. Even after religious use, I saw absolutely no change! My skin was just the same. No reduction of pores or lines, same old texture & spots untouched. I’m aware, with CAIS you don’t see results right away. Fine! Isn’t 4 months good enough for a glimpse of what higher concentration of copper peptides is promising? Since reading rave reviews of this super serum, I thought I’m blind not seeing the results. Then I started taking notes to document the improvements. Sadly there weren’t any. I’m not saying this a bad product. Truth is I can’t even say that. Because I don’t know what it really does to the skin since I haven’t seen what it actually does. Therefore, skeptical of its ability to deliver. MMHC (Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex) however is another story. But a phenomenal one with amazing results.  More on that later.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum – Can this get any better? Answer is no. Among the anti-aging products I’ve trialled so far, this is the worst with the poorest performance. The natural collagen serum that 100% non-toxin & packed with loads of antioxidants + hyaluronic acid simply didn’t deliver results. The brand boldly claims the multi-tasking serum will boost firmness, protect & reduce wrinkles in-all 35 days. Right? Sadly I didn’t see none of these benefits even after 3 months of regular use. All it did was clogging pores further (due to cream-serum like texture) & took forever to get absorbed. What a hoax! Not sure why it’s called a  powerful anti-ager then? I believe all the hype is completely caused by the “organic” name! Based on my personal experience with all-green products, none have been great in the anti-aging category. This again yet another proof and price wise it was clearly an expensive mistake.s


Are these your favorites? Leave a comment & tell me why.