Elegance chic with this shimmer pot

Every girl’s decisive intention is to nail the ultimate chic makeup look each time she steps out.

But it’s – elegance chic that I aspire for. 

Flawless skin, light catching eyes and rosy moist lips with very light contouring. More modern take on makeup. Because, it is polished. Unstated. Appropriate for every occasion and seemingly effortless.

Unlike the base – it’s the eye makeup that is crucial in pinning the sophistication… and finding that one perfect eye shade that is not too loud, not too blah and not too shimmery is quite a task that I fully understand.
Max Factor Excess Shimmer Pot in Copper that I tried recently met the elegance description. 
You may called it Taupe. A closer look will tell you it’s not but a different hue (closer to taupe) mixed of rose gold. Not excessively shimmery. When worn, one could notice the shimmer effect in the most delicate manner.

Unfortunately, Copper isn’t a very well pigmented shade. You may get away with average pigment but that leaves you with barely-there washed-off lids. Which is again very elegant as it is more of a undone look. Since the shadow does nothing in defining the eyes, this calls in for tight lining. I had to layer the product and on to the 3rd application achieved the required intensity for the look below. Based on your preference the number of applications could be varied. Plus it dries super-fast and blending should be done is that phase too. 

Wearability & quality of Copper is (surprisingly) excellent for drugstore standard. Texture is different. Though it’s been widely explained as gel formula; I thought it is more towards mousse texture, wet, creamy and definitely unique. The fingertip application doesn’t work with this kind of texture therefore you must use a creamy eye shadow brush to deposit the pigment to the lid area.

 Overall: Copper may not fit the bill if you are looking for a well pigmented creamy eye shadow that equally performs as high-end brands. Nevertheless, it is brilliant as an over-all & a universal base shade. Lasts long (7+ hours) and eye shadow primer is a must to avoid creasing if you have oily lids and lastly, the finish, screams ‘elegance’ in every possible way. To me this is by far the best drugstore makeup product I’ve tried this year. Pigment could be an issue but you can always layer the product and build the intensity. Therefore, highly recommend, Copper for all who loves a natural glam eye makeup and to those who like elegance when it comes to beauty.