Fragrance that I’m head over heels right now

If you love finer things in life then you surely will love this. 
Post the Acqua di Gioia I’ve fallen head over heels with by Giorgioa ArmaniThere’s some mystery fruity sweetness to it.  It has a touch of vanilla though it also gives it that lovely warm creamy scent, which blends so wonderfully with the floral notes, keeping it light and soft, but with that hint of sweetness without being overly fruity.  #ihateoverlyfruityscents
In short is a sweet vanilla patchouli fragrance, with a deep fruity floral top note that fades to a warm musky/woody base note which lingers on the skin. 

Though it has a soft delicate scent it very long lasting… needless to say I’ll be heavily relying on this throughout this winter ..
If you like feminine, sweet floral & fresh scents then this is for you.