Fragrances I’m loving right now…

 So, I’m a massive perfume princess. Wearing perfume is like adding the last touches for the outfit and feeling fully dressed. 

Here are the sexy scents that I’m loving and & can’t get enough right now…  

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

I never gave much attention to Light Blue till I smelled it on my office friend who was swearing by this. Now I get it.  If you are looking for longevity then this one is definitely for you. You can smell it all day. Light Blue begins with a burst of citrus and as the fragrance dries down you could actually smell the light amber musky notes. In my opinion this is best for winter.

Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

I LOVE, LOVE & LOVE this perfume… It is divine.  Yes I know this is for men but if you didn’t know how much I love men’s perfume then you should read my  In love with men’s fragrances’ post before you judge me 🙂 It’s all about flawless & classy. The scent starts with a good citrus and herbal notes and leaves a very sophisticated and a modern touch of warmth that is very cheerful 🙂

Versace Eros

I can’t tell you how much I adore this fragrance. It is refreshing. Thumbs up for gorgeous packaging.  Love the blue & gold colour combination.  Again this is from the men’s collection. It is a very strong scent. Classic and very appealing.  Sweet but nice blend of  citrus, amber & vanilla notes. Great for night outs.

Everyone has different tastes in perfume but these are my current favourites. If you are citrus note lover the you would love all 3 🙂