Glossier Cloud Paint Review

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

I bought 4 tubes of Glossier Cloud Paint. Because I’m CRAZY to pay $18 for a 10ml of gel-cream blush!

Glossier Cloud Paint is easy, quick and natural – if you ask me to describe it in 3 words.  I see them as cheek tints. You get plenty of freedom to dance with the creamy texture. Once you dot the cheeks, blend with your fingers or use a stripling brush. And you are more likely to see a sheer tint (that looks natural) & a healthy bit of a sheen. I love how it blends & able to layer the shades on top of one another. The best is that these do not mess with your foundation nor the powder.

Glossier Cloud Paint Swatches

BUT as far as the longevity & pigmentation is concerned, Glossier Cloud Paint definitely can be improved. I had to retouch, every 4 hours to hide ‘no-blush” face. And at these time I wish they were more pigmented.

Also, I just don’t get the price! I asked myself why would I want to spend $18 dollars for a tube of 10ml cheek tint when I can get a super pigmented Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Color Blush by adding another $7!! So obviously Glossier Cloud Paints are over-priced!

Glossier Cloud Paint Review

Then what’s so special about Glossier Cloud Paints? Nothing really. Yes, they are squeezable, on-go, tap-tap finger-tip application, topped off with above average pigment! But certainly far from being a dream cream blush. In fact not even close.

If you like nothing but a “natural flush” or a soft glow,  then the handbag-friendly tubes are just more than essential.