Guerlain Bronzers – Summer 2016

I simply want to talk about Guerlain’s bronzer offerings for summer 2016 today. Not because Guerlain sent me all 4 featured here. Because, no one does bronzers like Guerlain in the beauty world.

As a longtime fan, I can’t turn a blind eye on the fact how Guerlain up the bronzing game customarily & very bit of fancy every single summer! And  coming up with exquisite art like embossing that no makeup lover would want to ruin. Since my Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer discovery (which I still use & love), the transformation and reconstruction of  Guerlain bronzer empire is massive. Some bronzers are ornamental. Others are embellished and the rest are simply a piece of art. Point is once you’ve tried a Guerlain bronzer there’s no looking back. You are hooked for life.

Well I can go on and on. I’ll stop now & let’s discuss about the bronzers released for summer 2016. From what I see, ‘radiance’ or ‘lit from within‘ is the theme. To complement, shimmer content has been increased while carefully preserving the quality of pigment, silky texture and richness. I kind of wish if Guerlain done a super matte bronzer (minus shimmer) for people like me 🙂 For those that prefer a hint of shimmer, you are in for a treat!

Guerlain My Terracotta Summer Bronzing Powder - 02 Natural Blondes (LE) My Terracotta Summer Bronzing Powder02 Natural Blondes (Limited Edition) –   if you are looking for that perfect bronzer this summer then here it is.  Perfect because – it is highly pigmented, finely milled and ultra-refined texture – is great for daily wear & for all skins. I like it because it isn’t too powdery and gives an extra color (natural) even on my medium skin tone.

Guerlain Pause d’Ete Poudre Bronzante Duo (Limited Edition)Guerlain Pause d’Ete Poudre Bronzante Duo (Limited Edition) is one of the 2 bronze+highlighters release for 2016. Definitely the ones to be loved more than others. Why? This one in particular comes in warm & natural Terracotta shade No.03 that works well with every skin-tone. Secondly, this couture bronzer can be used as a standard blush! The perfectly paired hues work together seamlessly & the gold motif is just an over-spray. So don’t panic. While the central portion of the powder reveals a pinky-hued highlighter with subtle golden shimmer – there isn’t any hardcore disco vibes going on. Just a gorgeous rose gold-ish glow. After a light-hand swirl, I applied the product on the cheekbones and the effect is nothing but beautiful! Plus it settles nicely on the skin. No patchiness. Just even finish. I prefer this more as a cheek color. Even though it’s a huge compact & will take ages to hit the pan – undoubtedly quite the splurge that worth every penny in my view.

Guerlain Terracotta Terra MagnificaGuerlain Terracotta Terra Magnifica (Limited Edition) – The elegant mirrored compact is the 2nd bronze-highlighter released for this season. It literally knocked my socks off! Look at this delicate b.e.a.u.t.y !! I’m scared of ruining this embossing. At least I’ll try not to. And not going to complain about the tin packaging either (so handy). The warm-toned metal gold lines adds the glow factor while inner & outer circle shades gives a sheer wash of rich pigment. End result is just – stunning. To be honest, I can’t decide which I like more – the packaging or the texture? Both I guess. And if you are a collector – it’s too good not to add to the collection.

Guerlain Terracotta 2016 Original Bronzing Powder in Naturel 02 - Blondes Terracotta 2016 Original Bronzing Powder in Naturel 02 – Blondes is the re-promote of original Terracotta bronzer that Guerlain does every year. Among the 4 bronzers, this is clearly the crowd pleaser which available in 7 shades and tad bit shimmery than the rest yet highly pigmented and silky soft. Shimmer is subdued when applied and you are left to appreciate the ‘bit of glow’. Not the type of bronzer that I would contour with as the shimmer is bit daring for my liking.

Overall:  You don’t need all four unless you are a Guerlain addict. That being said, you can’t omit the star quality either! Here’s a quick breakdown of the bronzers:

  • Makeup collectors / Luxurious / Bronze+highlighters – Guerlain Terracotta Terra Magnifica & Pause d’Ete Poudre Bronzante Duo
  • Bronzer lovers / For daily wear / Contour – Terracotta 2016 Original Bronzing Powder & My Terracotta Summer Bronzing Powder

Word of advice – swatching is key to select which suits your need as they come in different textures, finishes and under-tones. And if you are a familiar with Guerlain products, they are loaded with fragrance and these bronzers too. That’s Guerlain. Doing their thing. At best.

Irrespective of the price tag, I assume these will sell-out like hot cakes. Grab them before they are gone.