GURLAIN BLOOM OF ROSE FALL 2015 – Review, Swatches & Photos

The first Fall collection review for 2015 is here. 
Not ready for Fall makeup as yet? Then this post will help you in making the list.

BLOOM OF ROSE Fall collection is absolutely stunning! Coupled with vibrant & natural shades that appeals to the mass audience, it is a collection that you may want to buy every single product if not few newly released tinted lip balms & blushes!     

Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Beaugrenelle –

*Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Beaugrenelle – is FRIGGIN gorgeous! Beaugrenelle contains 5 perfectly coordinated cool toned blue hues offering a mix of matte, shimmer shades and a gel liner with a mini brush.  Shadows are smooth, easy to blend, had no trouble in applying and not once experienced any fall outs whats so ever.

#1 – is a great beige base shade.
#2 – is a silvery shimmery shade with finely milled shimmer particles. Best for inner corners
#3matte grey is really pretty. Can use it in the our corner to add a bit of smokiness if you are going for a sultry eye look.
#4 deep navy blue is rich in pigment but didn’t swatch well as I’d anticipated. But  performed well on lids.
#5 satin blue is pretty and a great shade to underline the eyes.
#3 & 4 are my favorite shades. If I’m using Beaugrenelle these would be the only shades I would wear most. And the gel liner.
The eye palette is heavy. Not very travel friendly in my opinion. I believe Guerlain created  Beaugrenelle – thinking convenience in mind. Palette comes with a dual headed mini brush. One side to apply the shadows and other to line the eyes. Mini brush is a good quality one and helpful for someone on the run to touch up. Compact mirror is brilliant! Large enough to see the face. I could easily powder, fix my lipstick, add a little color to cheeks, ensure my brows are intact using this generous size mirror.
Having said all good things. For someone not fascinated by blue eye makeup, not sure how often would I put this to good use. Now that I have it, occasionally (I guess). 
Wonder how many women would actually buy this palette thinking of flaunting blue eye’d makeup! If so, they have to do it every day – considering the $65/- price tag.
*Rose aux Joues in Pink Me Up Blush – is a Punchy Pink as Guerlain has described. Housed in a black lacquered compact decorated with gold logo stamping Pink Me Up, has swiftly made to my top 5 pink blushes. 
Not a powder-y but little dense with ultra-fine texture. You can either achieve a pink flush or a delicate glow ‘lit from within’. This due to the pink booster pigments.  That allows cheeks’ natural color to show through in perfect affinity with the skin. Although it appears to be very bright in pictures and in the pan, very subtle when applied but, heavily loaded with typical Guerlain scent. 
*KissKiss Roselip Hydrating& Plumping Tinted Lip Balm in Pink Me up – Guerlain has invented its first tinted balm enriched with rose essential oil, combining color and lip care in one. White lacquer coated tube set off with a touch of gold is a fresh intake for Guerlain but reminded me of the Tom Ford summer lipstick packaging. 
It is an everyday product, ‘swipe and go’ kind to me. Pink Me Up is a fresh pink shade, crowd pleaser and favorite in the collection. Formula is the winner here. Comfortable to wear, very sheer in texture and has a faint vanilla scent. The tint lasts considerably longer (3 hours) compared with many other balms I tested against. You could prolong the tint up to 4hours when worn on top of lined lips.  


Overall: It is fair to say that Bloom of Rose Collection did impress me. Packaging wise as always Guerlain has not disappointed us. Irrespective how freaking gorgeous the Beaugrenelle palette is, sadly it is not my cup of tea. It is average. Shimmery shades are not that pigmented and I’d only wear blue once a year. If you aren’t a fan of blue shadows then don’t buy this. You wouldn’t be able to justify the price tag. But PLEASE have a look at newly released 6 tinted lip balms and blushes because they are the best, well liked products in the collection & highly recommend based on the quality, texture and daily wear. 
 GURLAIN BLOOM OF ROSE FALL 2015 on counters since 1st of August ’15 in UAE & Middle East.