How to store makeup stylishly – Muji makeup Acrylic box


 After seeing many gorgeous Muji Makeup storage pictures of my IG (Instagram) friends finally I treated myself for some Muji Acrylic makeup storage in Dubai. Yay!! Yes there is a Muji store in Dubai.

My mission was to organise my makeup in a way that I can finally see all the products I use on daily basis.So I went ahead with one  Acrylic 2 drawer’s wide , one  Acrylic 5 drawer box and one Acrylic desktop pot (picture is not found in the Muji website).

My makeup set up is the following in the 5 drawer box:

 The first drawer has my : Powders, bronzers & concealer

Second drawer contains :all the blushes 

Third: Lipsticks with light colours & Huda beauty lashes

Fourth: Lipsticks with dark colours & glosses

Fifth: my go-to eye shadows & concealer palette along with primers

Sunscreen and daily BB creams are in the first drawer of the 2 drawer box and a new Givenchy blush, couple of primers & Chanel lip blam are fitted to the second.

 Desk pot consist of my blush, power & lip brushes, eye pencils-mascaras (eye section), lip pencils quad, mini products, sharpeners and mini brushes.  

These are all the products that I usually (rather more frequently) wear. I do have tones of other that I keep in my makeup kit. At the end of the day I’m really pleased with my set up as I can very clearly see everything I use and it makes my life so much easier when finding the products too 🙂 

It is indeed a very pretty site to look at. Plus its stackable, removable, see-through and quite affordable too. We invest so much money in our makeup so why not preserving them. Storages are worth the money as they will definitely last for some good years. 

I highly recommend Muji Acrylic makeup storage to all makeup lovers who are looking to organise their makeup in an attractive and affordable way.  One advice: Before you head to Muji have a good understanding of your makeup. This will help you in working out how many drawers you will need.

Muji is at Dubai Mall near Waitrose and for more details please check the Muji Online.  You can buy the Acrylic 5 drawer box for AED 125/-.