In love with MEN’s fragrances

Well I don’t know about you but I of course like (rather LOVEEEEE) some of the men’s fragrances. When mine are out of stock there were many occasions that I simply worn my hubby’s and (trust me each time) I’ve been complimented. Isn’t that nice? May be ODD and not sure if it is socially acceptable or not. However, officially I love men’s cologne / fragrance and is a part of the growing trend of women wearing men’s scents. For me it’s all about the smell as I don’t fancy floral / powdery perfumes. 
I believe men’s perfumes have something magical, deep, clean laundry kind of smell that is sensuous and very refreshing. It’s not something you usually get in the women perfume lines. Men’s fragrances typically convey strength and power, or earthy and outdoorsy.

Below are some of my personal favourites. Not sure if you will wear them (if you do please let me know so that I know I’m not the only one) but trust at least you’ll consider these as a gift options for your lovely men. 

  • ALLURE HOMME SPORT Eau Extreme by Channel This is powerful and eternally long lasting.

  •  Blue De Channel by ChannelThis is so gorgeous and fancy. It’s very modern and sensual. Smell lasts a whole day. I love when my husband wears this. 

  •  Grey Vetiver by Tom FordIntroduced in 2009. This is SENSATIONAL. Elegant and versatile. Strong and sophisticated. Lasts for good 5-6 hours. Great for day time.

  •  Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio –  My all time favorite.

What are your thoughts on wearing men’s perfume?