KeraStraight Intense Boost Hair Treatment with Pastels Salon

I was invited for a hair-boosting breakfast with the famous Jez Barnett a month back at Pastels Salon. The treatment  called KeraStraight Intense Boost and I had absolutely no clue what it was.
I thought: it was a hair straightening treatment as the name suggested. Wrong!
It’s actually: a non chemical hair repairing treatment.
Best for: All hair types but especially dry, damaged, color treated straight/curly hair.
The results: Stronger, healthy and shiny hair lasts up to a whole month.

* Hair washed twice, dried, protein mask applied section by section from roots to the end & lightly massaged.
* After the application hair was dried completely so that protein cells get to work from the inside and out as the formula is activated by heat.
* Once the hair 100% dried, rinsed, blow dried and styled.

What I learnt:
* This quick fix takes about hour and a half maximum with the blow dry
* Post- treatment I kinda understood what 
KeraStraight Intense Boost is all about. It’s nothing but a powerful hair booster. It has the ability to transform weak hair to stronger/straighter hair that looks and feels incredible.
* Results are instant and can be addictive.

I purposely delayed the post to see the results Jez had promised after 30 days. My hair has never been the same after the treatment. It was easier to manage (than usual). I could run my fingers from the roots to the end and mostly hair didn’t look scanty and dried as before. Sadly, shine disappeared after 3 weeks, but the elasticity, strength, the softness and the liveliness of the hair was long-lasting. Would I go for another round of KeraStraight Intense Boost? Absolutely. But I would limit the treatment twice/thrice a year. It’s expensive and not many could afford it bi-monthly as Jez had recommended. However, he was right about one thing – once you tried KeraStraight Intense Boost– there’s no looking back.

You might want to know:
* Pastels salon is a hidden-gem at Ritz Carlton JBR. It was my first time there.
* Met the ‘king of blow-dry’s’. Please book an appointment with Joe. He’s the ‘man that should be on your speed dial for all hair emergencies! Hands down it was the best blow-dry I’ve ever had – wish I’d known him much earlier.