La Prairie Cellular Swiss Crystal Collection – Review

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Crystal Collection La Prairie Cellular Swiss Crystal Collection

Upping your skin care game as you age is so important! If that means splurging on luxury skin care products – then be it. During Christmas holidays, I made my first La Prairie purchase. I was curious as to whether I would see any benefits for myself after spending on this luxury skin care brand. But I was pleasantly surprised with the happy La Prairie journey so far and interested to try more. This is because I noticed a remarkable difference in the way my skin looked post using the products.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Crystal CollectionCellular Swiss Crystal Collection set presents 2 moisture rich products billed to combat first signs of aging. After testing out for 3 months, here’s what I have to say…

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is one those moisturizers that make your skin appear as if you’ve drank gallons of water a day. That’s how moisturizing it is. I usually steer clear of richer, balmy moisturizers / day creams as my combination skin cannot take it. But the creamy-gel texture is not at all thick or heavy & worked very well with my not-so-easy skin without clogging pores. Plus, it left a velvety finish and made makeup application super smooth. Because of all the high moisture-goodness, I cherish it for colder months to cover the face rather in summer.

Dry skins on the other hand can literally get married to it as it’s quite simply put; a phenomenal moisturizer that leaves skin firm & deeply hydrated.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Crystal CollectionCellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil -No matter what type of skin you have, this dry oil keeps the moisture game up like no other. It absorbs immediately, deeply hydrates and leaves no residue. I used it alone at nights when my skin is considerably dry and by mixing with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream. All you need is 2 drop drops, to cover the face and it floods the skin with moisture without zero greasiness. I love the plump, soft and super smooth skin next morning whenever I’ve used it.  All the flaky/dry patches were gone and my skin was very healthy looking.

IMG_5188Overall:  Both are ultimate indulgence and ideal for the colder months unless you have a dry skin. They make me want to empty my pockets – for 3 reasons.

  1. Both are phenomenal anti-aging moisturizers (comes in different textures), super light and non greasy. It’s quite difficult to get this formula right without causing breakouts.
  2. Longevity. Hydration levels are bound for long hours and made makeup lasts for longer too
  3. Perfect arsenal standby to fight winter and all dry skin woes. The BEST I’ve tried.

Dry oil is most effective I would say. This is because it is deeply hydrating anti-aging oil. You kill 2 birds by using this product alone and undoubtedly a faithful winter staple on its own too.

Though you’d get plenty of options in the moisturizing category, I can safely say, this duo is the Holy Grail for dry skins. Price point would be the only gripe, but we are talking about La Prairie here  – and it’s all about luxury skin care & not drugstore. Your money is spent on highly researched skin care ingredients to combat pre-mature aging. So why not?