Laura Mercier Spring & Summer 2015 collection review

I  was never so much into Laura Mercier (LM) products apart from the cult classic – radiance primer. To me LM products have always been alright – and that’s about it. So the exploration stopped there.
When spring 2015 collection and few of Un Ete a Ibiza Summer 2015 Collection landed on my doorstep – it was time to move ahead and get to know LM more intimately. 

Laura Mercier Watercolor Clouds collectionLaura Mercier Watercolor Clouds collection

*Spring 2015: Watercolor Clouds collection: Watercolor Mist Eye & Cheek Palette is a limited edition palette with 6 eye shades and 2 blushes. This is a cool-toned palette that didn’t look at all attractive against my warm medium skin.

 Laura Mercier Watercolor Clouds collection Swatches

Laura Mercier Watercolor Clouds collection Swatches

Eye shadows: Shades were foggy (rain-y themed), grimy and didn’t look or applied pretty. The texture was nice but compared to the quality & intensity pigments you’d get from Mac & Nars eye shadows – these were sadly nowhere. They looked flat and tired post application.

Blushes: I liked Earth very much, but Sunset was a complete let down. Again the texture was the downer. It was dry, hard and I just couldn’t make them to work.

Overall: The limited edition palette was an absolute washout & wouldn’t get my seal of approval! Eye shades were alright, but when it came to the quality and preference this wasn’t the most well-liked palette. Plus the colors looked flat against my medium skin (see the swatches). It could’ve been the perfect palette – because of the size and it holds 6 shades and 2 blushes.  Unfortunately; LM hasn’t got the color assortment and texture right!

*Summer 2015: Un Ete a Ibiza Summer 2015 Collection

Laura Mercier Un Ete a Ibiza Summer 2015 Collection
Laura Mercier Indiscretion Face Illuminator

Indiscretion Face Illuminator (New & LE) – is one of the prettiest highlighters I own and the first in rose-gold category! After applying at several different occasions I can safely say this is a must have. It’s all about that “tropical super-model beach glow’! It’s easy to go overboard with a product like this with an intense pigment & the shimmery effect. Therefore, light application recommended. It looks absolutely beautiful (and subtle) when worn – see the picture below.

 Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara in Black Onyx – Bloody-good! I had zero expectations of this mascara! At the end day it literally made me fall for it. Not sure about ‘sculpting’ though, but it gives, full dose of volume, more lashes, no clumps/ fallout and feathery light. You must grab this one!
Laura Mercier Un Ete a Ibiza Summer 2015 Collection swatches
Laura Mercier Un Ete a Ibiza Summer 2015 Collection swatches

Paint wash liquid lip color for spring 2015 – L.O.V.E it. Very summer appropriate, bright and easy-wearing and require very little touch up throughout the day. There are 9 shades released and I’m already eying a couple of more! Brilliant for work and it qualified as one of my April Favorite. Read all about it here and see the swatch below.

Laura Mericer Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation
Laura Mericer Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation

Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation – was a product that I badly wanted to try but just couldn’t find a perfect match! I’m in between Pecan & Suntan. Pecan is too dark & Suntan is way too beige with a pink undertone and so was Ivory (the press sample). #realworldproblems I’ll tell you!! However, it was praised highly among fellow bloggers due to  high coverage and texture. I liked the detailed review of Ruth’s (editor of A Model Recommends) here

Overall: the summer collection holds quite a few products that are purchased & drool-worthy. Paint wash liquid lip color, Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara and the new & beautiful Indiscretion Face Illuminator really make up for the floppy spring collection. They certainly did help me to make a complete ‘U” turn of my opinion on Laura Mericer.

Laura Mercier is available at Bloomingdale’s (Dubai Mall) & Areej.