Look younger with Collagen Serums

At some point when people age past 30 they will experience the ravages of time watching as wrinkles appear, skin begin to sage and skin tone become increasingly uneven. The biggest cause of these signs of ageing is the decreasing production of collagen which is the vital support and protection that skin needs to stay healthy and young looking.
One of the natural ingredients that are clinically proven to reverse the signs of ageing is COLLAGEN as it take years off your appearance! Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons use collagen in the treatment of scars as a tissue filler & lip plumping. I personally use collagen as a supplement & since recently I started using externally as a serum. 

Let me tell you one – the results are so miraculous that you will have everyone wonder what is your secret.

Both products were randomly picked up in a pharmacy (that I cant remember the name of). Though I’ve heard great things what collagen can do to your skin, hair & nails: I honestly didn’t have a good feeling of the results that can be achieved by using a collagen serum.  My view of collagen serums changed (in 360degrees) after seeing how my skin was transformed over last 2 months. 
By using Resxol & Rougj collagen serums it is fair to say that my skin was better toned, smoother & younger looking.  It did refined the texture, helped to smooth out my under eye lines and importantly, radiance. 
In the evenings, I apply Resxol Collagen Serum after cleansing before anything and same goes in the mornings with Rougj as it has a super quick absorbing power compared to Resxol. For dry skin, both these serums provide additional moisture when worn under a night cream. Those with normal to oily skin can utilise Collagen Serum alone as an evening treatment.
If you are ready to reclaim your youthful skin so you can look beautiful and regain that confident by  start using a collagen serum or by adding collagen to your beauty routine post consulting a dermatologist.