‘Love at first application’ products that also delivered results

I tend to spend more money on skincare than makeup.
Being a beauty blogger I test truck load of skincare products yearly basis. Many bought by my own money for the pure happiness of having perfect skin and few sent by PR for review.

All in all, many seem to be okay, some are outrageous when it comes to performance with hideous prices while others stands out. However there are very few (rare) instances that you actually fall in love with a product from the very first application itself. I love that feeling – it’s more of a discovery!

Here are my recent test & tried gems that felt so right from the first application :

Chanel Le Lift Crème Fine – Possibly one of the best anti-aging creams I’ve used. Le Lift Crème Fine is for oily – combination skins. It is okay as a hydrating cream but for my skin type, I would still prefer putting on an extra layer of moisturizer. Great for day-time. This definitely changes the texture of the skin and bring certain amount of firmness.After 12 years of research, Chanel scientists isolated a potent extract from a plant known as edulis, which has been proven to boost the production of these key “youth proteins”. Suffice to say more you learn about the research and the innovating ingredient the more I understand the price.(AED 590/-)

La Mer The Lifting Contour Serum (sample) – I love the feel of the serum as it is very concentrated. Applying diligently day and night all over my face and neck made my skin look healthier and less clogged pores. If you can afford it, I highly recommend this serum as it does deliver what it promises.

Eucerin Aquaporin Active Eye Cream – One of the best affordable & hydrating eye creams in the drug-store market. Lightweight and absorbs really quickly and really refreshing for tired eyes – and that’s coming from someone who is glued to a laptop screen for far too many hours a day 🙂

Karen Murrell Moisture Stick Lip Balm- I raved so much about in my complete review on Lip Balms. Your lips will thank you the moment it touches your skin.

Bioderma White Objective Lightening Night Serum – is all about fragrance-free lightening serum with vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids. The vitamin C comes in a separate vial, and you have to mix the vitamin C with the AHA base, prior to using. I suppose this it to ensure that the vitamin C remains potent longer. After using one plump on my face every night it has seriously helped in lightening the discoloration and even out the skin. Spots are disappeared after week of using the serum. Also this works perfectly fine with my other serums and moisturizers from different textures and brands.

Comfort-Zone Hydra Memory Fluid 24h– I’ve told you about my HG moisturizer here and this is no difference. Comfort-Zone remains as a HG for me always and the fluid works just as good. I prefer using the fluid in the morning underneath the makeup. Works brilliantly with my combination skin and maintains the hydration levels through out the day.