Magic Potion for Clearer skin


This magic potion literally gives you smooth, clearer skin fading all spots and blemishes.
Liquid Gold is a clear liquid; a glycolic acid treatment product that, to me, is kind of like a toner. The Glycolic Acid acts as a chemical exfoliant sloughing off dead skin cells while you sleep. 
I applied it every second night after cleansing the face. If you’re in for the “real” treatment, you don’t apply anything else to your skin afterwards and let it just do its job. That can be quite a scary if you don’t like that tight feeling you get after using a slightly harsh cleanser / scrub.

After using for a month I did notice that my skin was always a lot brighter looking the next morning. Even the spots and blemishes I’ve got while using it, they wouldn’t linger around for as long as they normally would. They would heal more quickly too. In fact, the whole blemish “process” seemed to be a lot quicker. Post using Liquid Gold I’ve learnt that it also diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage skin over time helping skin to be more smoother & brighter.

However, wherever you buy this, it is affordable for a brilliant -result oriented product.
I swear by Alpha-H Liquid Gold because little goes long way and it is very easy to apply. I get less breakouts and congestion through my t-zone has tremendously improved and my pores look less visible. It has worked wonders for my skin already even though I’ve only been using it for a month so I’m excited to see how much more it will improve my skin after a few more months of use.
So I highly recommend this for everyone who want to obtain clear skin, who have acne-prone skin, blemishes and literally everyone.. because it seriously works.
Alpha-H Liquid Gold can be purchased from Look Fantastic (free worldwide delivery) for GBP 31.50 (AED 189)