My experience with SK-II

SK - II Essential Facial Care Products

I honestly feel that any Japanese skincare brand (i.e Sensai, Sheisaido, Shu Uemura etc.) simply phenomenal in terms of quality of the products & results they deliver. This is because Japanese are always steps ahead when it comes to technological research & trends. Obviously, they are very expensive compared to other brands in the markets.

Who could stop a beauty blogger – (that too when you are bored at Dubai Duty Free) so finally I was owning 3 uber luxurious SK-II products since last December. And here is my experience after testing it for a good 5 months.

Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) – If you were to pick only one product from the line, this is what you should try. When I first tried this out I was so mad with myself for buying it as I just couldn’t understand what heck this was delivering. After good 2-3 weeks (and a month after) I noticed more even and less-oily complexion. Its not a toner. More like a treatment that you use after your toner.

Skin Signature Eye Cream – This is the best that I’ve tried when it comes to moisturizing eye creams category. Since it has a very rich formula you only need a really small amount. Personally, I find this a little rich to use during the day (unless I’m traveling), so this is reserved as my night time use. I am always guaranteed softer under eye area and visibly reduced fine lines (because of the hydration).

SK-II Essential Power Moisturizing Cream – This isn’t a fancy face cream. After just a few days of wearing it, skin looks noticeably hydrated and healthy. For the price tag, I’d save it for nighttime. Texture wise it’s definitely creamier than the gel-like formula’s I’ve was used but never looked greasy.

All products bought by me and they never came cheap to begin with.

Edited: Fast forward to May-14 I spotted SK-II similar packaging and color branding while beauty counter-shopping (more like looking at the newly released products in every counter) at Dubai Mall – Paris Gallery. Phew! you can finally buy your SK-II in Dubai now…