Orange is new red

I’m beguiled come to think of how orange lipsticks have dominated my beauty world.
Then… red was my thing! Orange was loud, flashy, overbold and out of earshot.
Now…orange is my vixen. Savior in every lipstick distress. Almost best buds and it does rock my world as much as red did.


* Insanely attractive when worn (& since it is a shade that not many wear obviously I’d get lots of attention)
* Brightens the face. So it is my go-to lipstick when tired or want to make that extra effort
* Less maintenance unlike red.

I brought 3 shades of orange lipsticks with me for the holiday and have worn all 3 at different occasions.
1. TOM FORD Lipstick in Flame – is luxury warm, bright orange in luminous matte and the longest wearing among the 3. For precise application you must use a lip brush. Mostly wore it during night outs.
2. Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color in MOD – is a dry matte coral red. Lightweight and able to get 4 hours of decent wearing. Since it dries down to a stain effect best to wear during daytime.
3. Bobbie Brown Art Stick in Sunset Orange – is my go-to pencil past 2 months. This reddish orange is not too bright and doesn’t seek attention. Which makes it a proper office-like shade. I think formula is the secret for the love I have for this. It’s not matte-not-too-creamy & not once drying.

All you need foundation, good dose of mascara and bit of blush / bronzer … and let this audacious shade do the talking. So it appears to be a universal shade that compliments every skin tone.
 Which is your favorite among these 3?