Orgasm: NARS Blush vs The Multiple

Comparing Nars Blush & Nars Multiple in Orgasm

Orgasm blush is absolutely renowned in the industry for its versatility on all skin tones. It’s a favorite among celebrity makeup artists and women all over the world! In fact, its popularity has spawned several other products in the Orgasm collection.

So, today I thought of reviewing Nars Blush & Nars Multiple in Orgasm.

BLUSH – The reason is simple. It is very universally flattering.

MULTIPLE – have been a popular product in the blogosphere for years. This is basically a blush stick that looks very much like a lip stick. Don’t be fooled though, it is best to use it solely as a blush because that is all it is.

The stick applicator is excellent, I usually use my fingers to apply, to keep it a little more hygienic. The only thing is, make sure that you blend, because orgasm is quite shimmery, and too much shimmer can make you look like a clown. Well, the color here is full of shimmery sparkle and in the tube, looks gorgeous. Yep, it’s that – Bought it from Nordstrom.

Finally, due to the fact that this is a cream based blush you get a perfect healthy glow, which is very long lasting. Powder blushes are supposed to be more long lasting, but I have found that my multiple lasts longer than my powder. Interesting to note.

Personally, be it blush or multiple this peachy pink shimmer is my absolute favorite.

It’s little pricey, but totally worth the money. The color is for everyone, so make sure you stop by the Dubai Mall & MOE Sephoras’ for a test run when NARS launches in Dubai this October 16th 2014