Quick & Easy Makeup secret

As you all know me I’m not one of those people who feel completely naked without leaving the house in full makeup.  To start with,  I never do full makeup unless it is a event / wedding or occasion where I have to show my glowing face for good 5-6 hours (except work).
But on days when I just can’t bring myself to go through the trouble of putting my so called “barely there” makeup, I’ve been leaning on this look. 
A simple, neutral eye, with a powerful, berry red lip. 

It’s so striking and looks like you spent some serious time on your makeup. But trust me when I say — a little mascara, some bronzer as eyeshadow, little bit of Mac Blush in Pink Swoon on the cheeks, and a bold lip (I love this Dior Rouge Dior 5th Avenue + with black eye shadow on the lips)— you’re done with makeup in less than five minutes. And that’s a morning routine I can get behind.

And… this is what I call “Effortless Elegance”.  
What’s your quick and easy makeup secret when you’re in a hurry? Forgo altogether? Or do you also slap on some lipstick and call it a day?