Rant of a Beauty Blogger : Quality over Quantity


I don’t like slapping layers of makeup (hope you’d figure that out by now)

That’s the reason why I have a very rigorous and a strict skincare regimen to acquire that near-perfect skin.

Being a makeup artist and a beauty blogger, I always overlook the brands and focus on the quality and performance of the products I buy and the PR samples I receive. It’s more of a ‘if it works then brilliant and if it doesn’t then it goes to the bin’ kind of attitude. Every post that I’ve written since the start had it, still do and I promise to keep similar vibe going forward.

Before writing each review, there is this one question I always ask myself- ‘If I were a reader what do I expect from this review / product? It all gets down to that level of serious business (apart from the fancy words) – the review must answer – should I buy it or not? question when someone hits the last line.

I ain’t a pro in the blogging world but its a journey that I chose to be in for the love of all things pretty and to voice MY OPINION and mine only. And here I’m today (after a good 1.5 years) pondering what kind of value do I bring to my readers that too been very true to myself. Its a very tough job I’ll tell you – with the immense influencing power that I’ve gained (rather hops over) with blogging. Let’s just say it is more than tough. Some of the readers whom I’ve met personally told that they’ve bought products just looking at my photos – I was stunned! That’s incredibly powerful! Well, yes I do like the feedback on my photography skills but again its risky. Because, my creative aspect of a picture undoubtedly has become a tool of decision making.

That is where, this blogging business should do something good in your life! Its not about reading the reviews and hysterically buying everything I say brilliant but to learn more about your skin everyday and have the knowledge of what works for you and what doesn’t. Its like what lipstick shade looks best for you, which blush or mascara give you that wide awake look (when your eyes shutting down), the mask that glows etc. are little secrets you must include in your Beauty Black Book.

Beauty is a thing that evolves and, at the rate of beauty world is speeding every brand releases a good 5 collections (minimum) a year and obviously you cant buy every product from each brand on every release. My advise is pick and choose (after reading my experience with the product). Its a big ask but over the years you’ll learn and ultimately will have a customized, win-win vanity that consist of star products not only brilliant but work phenomenal on your skin. More like quality over quantity!

Or… in my opinion, less is always more, whether be it in beauty, possessions, or otherwise.

Let me help you.

Thinking to start a new category (haven’t decided a title yet), that consist 5 or less products that has worked for me. It’s my way of sharing the secrets.

Please comment your thoughts on this.

*sorry for the long post!