Skin 101 : Eye Creams – PART 2


… continuing from my Eye Creams Part -1 post
Before I move on to 2nd set of eye products: I thought I should tell you that eye creams & serums should be applied gently, with a dabbing motion around the eye bone working inwards toward the bridge of your nose. This way you aviod the formaulation of lines.

Here you go..
Eve Lom Eye Serum (discountinued)I found this was easily absorbed and good to use for those with more oily skin or those suffering from dark circles and undereye bags. I worry about fine lines and dehydration, so I don’t use this alone but apply a couple of minutes before my eye cream.

Radical Eye Revive Cream  – This is a eye cream that refreshes and reduce the puffiness. It definitely doesn’t help with the lines nor with the discolouration. However, it does work as an excellent smooth base to apply concealer over the top, which certainly helped to disguise that they’re there though.

Dermalogica Ultra-calming Smoothing Eye SerumThis serum is extremely light and soothing…especially soothing if stored in the refrigerator. I got a somewhat softened look around my eye area and noticeable reduction in puffiness over time. Unlike other eye serums I’ve used, speciality of this is that it is formulated to encourage collagen production. This wouldn’t give you results overnight but in the long run yes. However, from my personal experience I would suggest this to everyone in early 20’s to use this as their first eye cream.

Chanel Precision Eye Tonic Dark Circle Corrector review – I had high expectations on this product however, unfortunately this didn’t do anything.  I was so dissapointed.  Waste of money.

LOreal Kerastin Esthetics Intant Tenseu Eye Serum – This was okay eye serum that I didn’t see much of a difference post using. It certainly didn’t worse my eye area and neither did anything extraordinary.  
Kheil’s Midnight Recovery Eye – I’ve been using this for years and I still can’t seem to get over this. The cream gets completely absorbed during the night and in the morning I wake up with an under eye area that’s moisturised, without any traces of puffiness. Do I wake up in the morning looking like I just dropped out of a fairytale? No. But my under-eye area does look and feel a whole lot better since using this product.

Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream – Is a fairly good product that gives some good moisturising and anti-wrinkle results. However it wont go much deeper than that. I use this  daily in the morning and best part is that tt doesn’t affect the performance of my under eye concealer; I often mix it in with the less creamy concealers for smoother applications.

Dr Dennis Gross Continues Eye HydrationThis cream offers real relief after a sleepless nights and I keep coming back to this often compared to the rest. Nothing much on the lines improvement but it does hydrates.

Nuxe – First Expression Lines Eye Contour It contains a lot of tiny sparkles that in certain lighting gives hints of shimmer and reflects. When applying this around your eyes it has a lovely radiance effect to it, which makes it more appropriate to use during the day.  I haven’t seen a lot of progress vanquishing dark circles.