Skin 101 : Makeup Removers

The Beauty Banker Tips on Make Up Removers

Makeup removers play a big role in skin care world. In my opinion removing makeup is the most basic & yet the important step in gaining a radiant clear skin.  Because by removing all traces of makeup at the end of each day reduces the risk of having pimples, clogged or blocked pores and helps the skin to breathe.  However this is overlooked by many in their beauty regimen (simply because of the laziness).  So having a great makeup remover is more of a must irrespective you being a makeup junkie or not.  

Neutrogena Makeup wipes – Hands down this is best wipes that is available in beauty market. Best to work on daily basis when your makeup isn’t heavy but it does take off all the stubborn makeup in a second (including waterproof mascara). Also it is perfect for those of you who are little bit lazy to wash your face before bed.  See my complete review here. Price AED 26/-
Bioderma Sensibo H2O – I absolutely love this. It is so gentle and does not burn or sting your eyes. It has absolutely no oily residue. It removes my liquid eyeliner and mascara in an instant; I do not have to rub.  It is also a cult product among all makeup artists, beauty bloggers, seen at backstage in every fashion show and every makeup bag of top international model.  See my complete review here. Price AED 89/-
Caudalie Makeup remover cleansing water– This is the most gentle & amazingly scented cleansing water I’ve ever tried. It’s super smooth, refreshing & moisturising. Perfect for sensitive skin & eyes.  The product works more similar to “micellar water” and super boosted with grape extracts (which is a top anti-oxidant ingredient). Unfortunately this isn’t available in Dubai. I buy mine from Feel unique. GBP 7.65 for 100ml.
Bobbie Brown Instant long-wear makeup remover – This is the most effective makeup remover in the market for long & waterproof face & eye makeup.  It works like magic in removing all long wear cream eye shadow, foundation; waterproof mascara in a quick swipe. It literally sweeps it off in ONE go! There is no need to rub or to tug. 
Lancôme Galatéis Douceur Cleanser / Makeup removing fluid – This is more of a dual product as it can be used as a cleanser and a makeup remover. Since I have many cleansers in my plate right now I primarily use it as eye & face makeup remover. The fluid is white and the consistency is fairly thin, perfect for dissolving away unwanted makeup. The aroma is pleasant too, not overbearing, just a slight hint of fragrance. It is best for dry skin more than combination.
MUFE sens eyes – I’m practically in love with Sens eyes.  It is my favourite (after Bioderma Sensibo) and definitely Holy Grail material. This is specifically formulated for the sensitive eyes and the mineral oil free formula that removes all the stubborn makeup including eye, lip & face with little or no effort. Literally one sweep & everything is gone.

Boots No7 –  See my complete review here. Price AED 50/-