Weekend Beauty Roundup: Currently testing

Currently Testing

This weekend I thought I would share what I’m currently testing and give you a hint of all the complete reviews that will up in the coming weeks.

There’s lot going on, in the skin care front.

I’ve been trying a couple of brands I said I would in my “Best of Skin care 2015” post and a few of them were under my radar for a long time. Kate Somerville is one of them.  I finally purchased Line Release under Eye Repair Cream (since I’ve already started to see the first signs of aging) and Daily Nourish Moisturizer that is well-matched for the combination skin. It’s been a good 3 weeks and my experience has been good up to this point. Both used during morning & night and I really like the lightweight texture! Under Eye Repair Cream surprised me with the serum-like texture when I first started to use it. I expected more of heavy cream to smooth out the lines. Daily Nourish Moisturizer on the other hand, has been nothing but lovely. However, I’m little put off by the lactic acid scent! Even though I could live with it now, this would be one major factor when repurchasing. I wish it was more pleasant. Hope I’m not the only one feeling this way.

IMG_6478Tata has been another brand that I was forever attracted to and finally got hold of Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. This one is an anti-aging arsenal packed with all the powerful natural active ingredients. So far, I enjoy using it. But will be trialling for a bit longer before I conclude my thoughts. Secondly, it’s the Deciem duoNIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1% (NIOD CIAS) and Niod Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic complex (MMHC) which I’ve been adding to the routine on and off. Both fall into the ‘does it all’ category. It’s too early to say how I feel about them since the true road test began only in April. In case you are in for an early review read Stacy’s post here.

Su-Man Skin Care Essential Discovery CollectionSu-Man Skin Care Essential Discovery Collection put to the test immediately after arrival of my Net-a-porter haul (read about it here). Although it was more of an impulsive purchase – I’ve got nothing but all great things to say about the trio. Can I call it love just after a week of testing? However, they are quickly becoming my favorites & regular choices in the daily routine. Stay tuned for the full review.

Makeup wise, (I know) I’m a little behind with reviews. But I’ve got a whole bunch coming up in a couple of weeks time. Working on a few posts on new launches and among these are:

  1. Bobbie Brown Nude Finish 2016 Collection released in spring (which isn’t yet launched in Dubai).
  2. Trialled a handful of drugstore products that was sent my way. Few stood out and you’d be surprised to know which these are.
  3. I’ve already ventured to summer 2016 makeup collections. NARS Summer 2016 is one that I’ve been eagerly waiting for. I purchased a few products from Selfridges & the package is on its way. (YAY!!)
  4. Also, my picks from Tom Ford Soleil Collection for Summer 2016 . Draft & the swatches to be edited. So expect the blog post around next week.

And lastly, I just started playing with good 5/6 mascaras (both high-end and drugstore) for a mega mascara post. Bobbie Brown Eye Opening, Lancôme Hypnose Drama & Clarins Mascara Supra Volume (brand new) among the others on the test stand.

Hope you enjoyed the roundup and excited for the upcoming posts.